Working Together to Safeguard the Children & Young People of Liverpool


Any professional concerned that a child or young person is being abused or is suspected of being abused through sexual exploitation, should discuss the concern immediately with the appropriate team leader and/or the service manager of the Safeguarding and Reviewing Unit, and make a referral - using the Referral, Investigation and Assessment Procedure plus a CSE1 Referral Form sent to Careline. The wishes and feelings of the child or young person should be obtained when deciding how to proceed but practitioners should be aware that perpetrators may have groomed the child’s responses and that the child may be denying what is happening.Where an agency is fearful of losing the engagement of a child or young person by reporting their concern to Children’s Social Care, the agency should discuss this with Children’s Social Care to agree a way forward. Any decision not to share information or refer a child should be fully recorded. 


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