Liverpool Safeguarding Children Partnership

Independent Chair: Audrey Williamson

Membership of the Liverpool Safeguarding Children Partnership, compliant with the requirements as set out in Working Together, is comprised of executive and senior officers that represent their agency.

LSCP members represent their agency and have sufficient authority to make decisions on their agency's behalf.


LSCP Membership

*Other officers or representative of agencies are invited to attend LSCB meetings relevant to agendas

The following will attend in an advisory/ support capacity:

  • LSCB Manager
  • LSCB Admin Manager
  • Legal Services
  • Liverpool City Council Finance (as and when required)


A quorum of the LSCP is achieved where eight members, representative of four separate agencies, and including the chair are present.  If at any time there is not a quorum present, the meeting shall not proceed.


Group members will be Senior / Executive Managers who will have the authority or delegated authority to:

  • speak for their organisation
  • commit the organisation to policy and practice matters
  • commit to financial discussion or recommendations
  • hold their organisation to account.

Members have a strategic role in relation to safeguarding and promoting welfare of children within their organisation.

Members undertake responsibilities in accordance with the LSCP partnership agreement.

(If the responsibility to attend has been delegated to a named officer, then the nature of the delegation has to be agreed by the chair of LSCP.)


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