LSCP Professional Development Group

Chair: Des Bill, Liverpool Diocese

Learning and Improvement

This group develops, delivers and evaluates multi-agency training across partnerships to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. The group meets up to 4 times each year.

The LSCP Training Sub Group provides information update reports to the Liverpool Safeguarding Children Partnership and prepares an annual training report which is reported as part of the LSCP Annual Report.

Terms of Reference

  1. Audit local need and identify gaps in the provision of safeguarding training.
  1. Facilitate the development of training programmes to meet the needs as identified by audit.
  1. Develop and provide a multi-agency training programme based on national requirements and local needs.
  1. Develop and maintain an overview of single agency and multi-agency training, evaluating that training and ensuring it is accessed appropriately.
  1. Link Liverpool LSCP training provision with single agency child protection/ safeguarding training provision and identify any opportunities for increasing inter-agency training.
  1. Maintain an effective training pool.
  1. Monitor the quality of training provision and identify any issues relating to the development and delivery of the training programme.
  1. Ensure effective links and contribution to broader workforce planning and initiatives.
  1. Propose an annual budget request for the delivery of the agreed provision.
  1. Provide a quarterly report to the Liverpool Safeguarding Children Partnership on training needs and issues.
  1. Contribute to the Annual Report and Work Programme.


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