Local Learning and Improvement Framework

“Local Safeguarding Children Board’s should maintain a local learning and improvement framework which is shared across local organisations who work with children and families. This framework should enable organisations to be clear about their responsibilities, to learn from experience and improve services as a result.Working Together to Safeguard Children 2015 - Chapter 4:3.

Liverpool SCP is a learning organisation and through our provision, scrutiny and challenge functions we support a significant amount of multi and single agency learning opportunities. The LSCP Learning and Improvement Sub Group members meet regularly to ensure that the multi-agency training plan identifies and makes available relevant training opportunities to support learning across all agencies and monitors and evaluate the effectiveness of any multi-agency training in place.

Liverpool SCP have developed a local Learning and Improvement Framework which sets out clearly how we will fulfil our responsibilities to learn from experience and improve our local services as a result. 

The development of our local framework enables Liverpool SCP, partner organisations and local partnership bodies to be clear about what needs to be learnt, where services and practice require improvement, and how any programme of action will lead to sustainable improvements.

Integral to the success of this framework is a clear process for sharing of learning on a wide area basis which will support transparency, accountability and consistent improvement to practice.

The Liverpool Safeguarding Children Partnership Learning and Improvement Framework is informed by the North West Safeguarding Steering Group North West Learning and Improvement Framework which sets out in further details the framework and procedures for undertaking review.

To support partner organisations, partnership bodies and any other local individual agencies or services to share the learning and key findings identified during local reviews, the LSCB have developed multi agencies resources which agencies may find useful. This includes ensuring that key findings from reviews are included in our newsletters.


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